Essential Cami
Turning any bra into a cami-bra, simply attach the Essential Cami to your bra, and go.

Essential Cami
Every woman needs that little bit of coverage from time to time. Until now the only problem solving options – camisoles, bandeaus, cami-bras and “fake-tanks” – have caused more problems by having extra layers that gather uncomfortably under clothes; being too warm for the summer months; limiting women to a specific bra; and creating unsightly silhouettes in the back.

What women often need is a camisole that just covers her cleavage, with nothing below or in the back. In other words, what women want is the coverage without any extra layers.

Enter The Essential Cami, an abbreviated camisole that securely covers only the cleavage by wrapping around the shoulder and side straps of the bra.
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The Essential Cami is created by New York City designer, Maria Constantatos. It is manufactured in Manhattan. Patent pending.